Smolenaers Eierliften
With the Smolenaers Egg Lifts it is possible to place piles of eggs on pallets without any effort. Back- and shoulder problems will be prevented since the Egg Lift will take over all physical efforts. As an upgrade we could provide additional equipment for tipping egg-trays and a bracket for easy piling of egg-trays. In addition we sell poultry racks for feeding, rearing and laying hens.
Copyright: Frans Smolenaers
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-	No heavy lifting -	Simple and cost-effective -	Stacks 4 trays at a time -	High capacity: 2.5 min./pallet -	No pallet lift required anymore -	Also works with pulp trays -	Min. 2.2 meter height required -	Also possible to stack 6 trays at a time